Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

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Public Safety


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Peace Officers

Number of currently certified peace officers in the state of Iowa.


Number of certified jailers in the state of Iowa.


Number of certified public safety telecommunicators in the state of Iowa.

Reserve Officers

Number of currently certified reserve peace officers in the state of Iowa.

Vision & Mission

ILEA is dedicated to providing training that creates professional law enforcement personnel to serve the communities of Iowa.

ILEA serves the people of Iowa by setting standards for law enforcement training. The Academy maximizes training opportunities for law enforcement personnel to develop the skills and attitudes necessary to effectively serve and protect the community. ILEA exists to regulate law enforcement training by granting certification to those individuals who successfully complete training.


What Are We Doing?

Administrative Support

In regard to pre-employment testing and agency compliance according to State of Iowa Administrative Code 80B, 80D and Administrative Rules Chapter 501.

Essential Training

Provide essential, timely, and cost-effective law enforcement, jailer and telecommunication specialist training at entry, in-service and advanced levels.


Training the Force

Professional, dynamic and comprehensive training for peace officers, reserve officers, jailers and public safety telecommunicators.

Maintain Standards

Maintain and enforce reasonable standards for law enforcement services necessary for the protection of the public.

Leadership Training

Provide quality leadership training to law enforcement administration, staff and leadership.

Professionalism Through Training

Uphold professional learning environments that encourage integrity and ethical values.



The Iowa Law Enforcement Academy relies on currently serving law enforcement officers, jailers, and public safety telecommunicators to assist with instruction.
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Professionalism Through Training

Training at ILEA

Specialty schools, jail schools, public safety
telecommunicator schools, and more

 Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Map

Since 1969, the Academy has been located on Camp Dodge in Johnston, Iowa. ILEA shares firearm ranges and tactical facilities with the Iowa National Guard. To access Camp Dodge and the Academy, please use Camp Dodge’s main gate at the address of 7105 NW 70th Ave, Johnston, IA 50131. You will need to show photo ID.

Upon entry, head north through the serpentine and Maintenance Road. Turn east (right) onto 5th Avenue. Turn north (left) onto Des Moines Avenue. ILEA will be located on the east (right) side of the road.