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Peace Officer Retention Bonus

In her 2022 Condition of the State Address, Governor Kim Reynolds announced plans to award Iowa law enforcement and corrections officers a $1,000 retention bonus from federal America Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds in appreciation of the sacrifice and dedication they have shown in serving their communities. 

The State of Iowa’s Peace Officer Retention Bonus awards $1,000 to eligible peace officers

In order for the eligible agency personnel to receive the retention bonus, the Law Enforcement Agency Administrator (Sheriff, Chief) must complete the steps in the application process as the Agency Authorized Applicant. 

Steps include creating a user account at Iowa Grants Online, submitting a grant application, and uploading a spreadsheet containing the necessary information for eligible agency personnel. Each step is outlined in the instructions below. 

Following review and verification of eligible agency personnel by the Iowa Law Enforcement Agency, the $1,000 premium pay lump-sum payments will be processed by the Department of Administrative Services and mailed directly to each recipient this spring. Federal 1099s will be issued at the end of the year. 

Application documents will be accepted Thursday, February 17 – Friday, March 11, 2022.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do as a non-supervisory certified officer?

Nothing. Your agency head will complete the listing on the Iowa Grants Management System. Due to the influx of questions, we ask that you go directly to your agency head with inquiries rather than reaching out to ILEA.

Am I required to list an officer's name who is on disciplinary administrative leave from my agency on the Iowa Grants Management System?

Yes – Agency administrator will place that information in the status of disciplinary leave section of the form. Agency Administrator will also notify the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy when the officer is off disciplinary leave.

If an agency administrator has an officer that is working part-time for their agency as well as part-time for another agencies, does this officer get listed on the Iowa Grants Management System to receive a check?

No – An officer must be employed as a full-time law enforcement officer with one single agency.

What is the deadline date that officers have to be certified in order to be eligible to receive a check?

Governor’s retention bonus program effective date: February 17, 2022

Will the agency administrator receive confirmation that all officers on their list have been approved by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy?

No – Agencies will only be notified by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy in situations that require reconciliation with the agency.

Will the agency administrator be notified if ineligible officers are on their list?

Yes – Iowa Law Enforcement Academy staff will reach out to the agency administrators to reconcile any eligibility status issues.

Instructions for Agency/Organization Heads for Submitting