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ILEA & Camp Dodge Policies

ILEA Monthly Newsletters

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Firearms Qualifications Information

FY2024 Fee Schedule

For ILEA classes & Basic Academy

In-Service Training Requirements

For Law Enforcement Agencies in Iowa

PT Standards

For Law Enforcement Officers in Iowa

Charging Manual

Download the 2024 Charging Manual

In-Service Training Brochure

For Additional Mandatory In-Service Information

DOJ Presidential Exec Order 13929

Regarding use of force certification

Application for Agencies

Regarding Executive Order 13929

Camp Dodge Cell Phone Policy

Regarding phones and driving

Camp Dodge Jogging Policy

Newest policy regarding jogging on base

Camp Dodge Motorcycle Policy

For all Camp Dodge visitors

Camp Dodge POV Parking Policy

For any privately owned vehicles

Camp Dodge Reflective Belt Policy

Regarding exercise on base

Camp Dodge Customs & Courtesies

Regarding customs on base

Outreach Survey for Agencies

Requires password to access