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The Iowa Law Enforcement Academy purpose

♦ Upgrade law enforcement to professional status

♦ Maximize training opportunities for law enforcement officers

♦ Coordinate training and to set standards for the law enforcement services

ILEA offers a 16-week Basic Academy for new recruits as well as numerous specialty schools and refresher training courses for law enforcement officers.


Paths to Certification 

Basic Academy

ILEA’s Residential Academy

Certification Through Examination

For sworn officers in outside states

Regional Academies

Academic and residential academies

For sworn LEOs with Iowa agencies:

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

Professional training for Peace Officers in Iowa

ILEA’s Basic Academy





ILEA Certified Instructors

Instructor reports current as of February 9, 2024.

Current ILEA Instructors

List of all Weapons/Driving/SFST Instructors currently active

Current Council Approved ILEA Instructors

List of all General/SME Council-approved ILEA Instructors currently active

Instructors Expiring in 2024

List of all ILEA-certified instructors expiring in 2024

Psychological Testing

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy conducts POST cognitive testing and MMPI testing and evaluations for sworn peace officers, civilian jailers, communication specialists, and Reserve peace officers. The testing is conducted at ILEA and at local sites when requested.  The Iowa Law Enforcement Academy will assist sheriffs’ offices and civil service commissions with promotional testing for sworn personnel in sheriffs’ offices. This testing can be conducted at the ILEA or at the local agency.

The Iowa Law Enforcement Academy can make referrals and provide a list of mental health professionals who are experienced in working with law enforcement officers in handling problems both on and off-duty. This includes exposure to critical incidents, chemical dependency problems, marital difficulties, etc. These clinicians can perform Fitness for Duty Assessments and critical incident stress debriefings. 

The POST and MMPI is given the first and third Tuesdays of each month. The POST is given at 11 and the MMPI at 1:30. To schedule a test, please call (515) 331-5778.

Law Enforcement Officer Forms & Downloads

LEO Report of Hire

For use when hiring new employees.

Report of Hire Applicant Attestation

To be printed and signed by the employee when submitting a ROH

LEO Medical Form

For new hires.

LEO Change-in-Status

For name changes, resignations, or updates.

ILEECP Application

Previous EMS training.

ILEECP Renewal Application

For renewals only

CTE Application

Certification through Examination

Instructor Application

Application for Instructor Certification

Instructor Renewal Application

For Certified Instructors

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