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The Iowa Law Enforcement Academy is responsible for setting the minimum standards for training of city and county jailers. ILEA offers:

• Jail Basic 40-hour Schools
• Jail In-Service 20-hour Schools
Jail Basic 10-Hour Temporary Holding Facility Schools
Jail In-Service 5- Hour Temporary Holding Facility Schools, as well as Jail Medication Management Schools.

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

Useful Links

Iowa Code 501(9): Jailer Training

ISSDA: Iowa State Sheriff’s & Deputies’ Assoc.

ACA: American Corrections Association

AJA: American Jail Association

Jailer & Correctional Officer Forms & Downloads

Jailer Report of Hire

For use when hiring new employees.

Jailer Change-in-Status

For name changes, resignations, or updates.

Jailer Instructor Renewal

For Jailer Instructors

Questions or comments about ILEA’s jail training? Please contact Phil Cross, ILEA’s Jail Instructor, at , 515-331-5783.