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Peace Officer Memorial

Every peace officer undertakes a job with inherent risks. Each of these officers were overcome by the risks of their chosen profession; this webpage tells their history. This memorial page is dedicated to the fallen officers of the state of Iowa who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect the lives, rights and property of the citizens of Iowa. The deaths of Iowa peace officers and civilians dating back to the year 1868 are recorded on this website.

The Peace Officer Memorial is fronted by a stone which explains the artist’s conception of the elements of the memorial. The stone reads: 

The three outer forms represent the three levels of law enforcement in Iowa. 

The equal spacing represents the equal sharing of responsibility.  

The circles represent the cooperation and fraternity between agencies and departments. 
The three gray paths to the center represent the agencies and departments uniting to serve, sacrifice, and mourn. 

The center pinnacle represents the service, dedication, and sacrifice shared by each peace officer.  

The top of each outer form represents the aim of each peace officer with the goal being just short of the ultimate act of giving one’s life, which is represented by the top of the center pinnacle. 

– Designed by C. Richard Webb

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” 

Matthew 5:9

Peace Officer Memorial



Years of Memorial


Peace Officer Memorial Names

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* – denotes an officer not yet on Iowa’s official list

** – denotes Commissioner’s Award of Honor Recipient


McDaniel, William B. Heller, Robert D. Hamilton, Samuel H. Ramsey, William B.
E.O.W. 7 Jan. 1885 E.O.W. 20 Jun. 1886 E.O.W.  24 Nov. 1888 E.O.W. 28 June 1889
Cedar Rapids P.D. Avoca P.D. Le Mars P.D. Lucas County S.O.
Wishart, E.H. “Elijah” Frith, Jake Talcott, Henry O’Brien, Tim
E.O.W. 1 Jul. 1891 E.O.W. 14 Apr. 1893 E.O.W. 14 Apr. 1893 E.O.W. 2 Oct. 1893
Des Moines P.D. Milwaukee Road P.D. Milwaukee Road P.D. Chic., Milw. & St. Paul RR P.D.
Larson, Peter J. Whitney, Abner Graves, Henry E. “Ed” * Neibert, Jacob
E.O.W. 3 Jan. 1894 E.O.W.  28 April 1894 E.O.W. 27 Mar. 1895 E.O.W. 13 Jun. 1896
Dayton P.D. Missouri Valley Marshals Ottumwa P.D. Muscatine P.D.
Meisner, Albert Finley, John H. Gallion, William * Doxsie, Pitt M.
E.O.W.  30 Sept. 1896 E.O.W. 5 Oct. 1896 E.O.W. 10 October 1896 E.O.W.  26 Oct. 1897
Dubuque P.D. Morning Sun P.D. Bancroft P.D. Independence P.D.
Walsh, Thomas Kent, James L.  * McMillan, Ole * Sunblad, John **
E.O.W.  4 Dec. 1899 E.O.W. 28 Nov. 1900 E.O.W. 7 Jul. 1901 E.O.W. 17 Nov. 1901
Union County S.O. Ottumwa P.D.  Humboldt P.D.  Greenville P.D.
Lodine, Charles J. Smith, Rolland P. Bailey, John E. Swearingen, John
E.O.W.  23 Nov. 1901 E.O.W.  5 Dec. 1901 E.O.W.  18 Apr. 1902 E.O.W. 21 Jun. 1902
Albert City Marshals Chelsea Marshal’s Office Waterloo P.D. Jefferson P.D.
Strain, William E. Coulter, Robert C. Becker, Augustus C. * Norton, Daniel
E.O.W. 5 Sep. 1902 E.O.W. 21 Dec. 1902 E.O.W. 19 Feb. 1904 E.O.W. 6 Jul. 1904
Monona County S.O. Farmington Marshal’s Office Des Moines P.D. Dubuque P.D.
Platner, Charles C.  Martin, Peter B. * Wilson, George W.  Nicholson, Thomas
E.O.W.  3 Sept. 1905 E.O.W. 23 October 1905 E.O.W.  29 July 1907 E.O.W.  11 Jul. 1908
Council Bluffs P.D. Marion Police Dept. Council Bluffs P.D. Gowrie P.D.
Widmann, Fred P. Delmege, Frank Hatton, Patrick J. Woolman, Clarence
E.O.W. 11 Nov. 1908 E.O.W.  19 September 1909 E.O.W. 2 November 1909 E.O.W. 25 March 1911
Waterloo P.D. Des Moines Police Dept. Carroll Police Dept. Pottawattamie County S.O.
Kaschmitter, Joseph Busby, James W. Butcher, George M. Gerischer, T. E. “Tate”
E.O.W. 27 Mar. 1911 E.O.W. 7 May 1911 E.O.W. 16 Aug. 1911 E.O.W. 26 Nov. 1911
Alton Marshal’s Office Paton Marshal’s Office Missouri Valley P.D. Muscatine Police Dept.
Gillin, Charles P. Arends, Henry J. Bushnell, Elisha W. * Bowers, Levi A.
E.O.W. 4 Jan. 1913 E.O.W. 26 April 1914 E.O.W. 31 August 1915 E.O.W. 24 Feb. 1916
Cedar Rapids P.D. Cedar Rapids P.D. Mills County S.O. Floyd County S.O.
Kahn, Emil  * Herzog, Frank A. Speth, Emil A. Crill, Charles
E.O.W. 25 Feb. 1916 E.O.W. 16 April 1916 E.O.W. 26 Jan 1917 E.O.W.  17 Mar. 1917
Dubuque P.D. Chickasaw Co. S.O. Davenport Police Dept. Chicago & NW Railroad
Hanshaw, William R. Eggleston, R.L. “Dick” Mattern, George W. Jackson, Charles C.
E.O.W. 1 Aug. 1917 E.O.W.  22 Nov. 1917 E.O.W.  12 May 1918 E.O.W.  16 Dec. 1918
Batavia Marshals Offc. Osceola Police Dept. Des Moines Police Dept. Des Moines Police Dept.
Britton, James G. Cooper, Elva “Peoria” * McCarthy, “Con” Maxwell, William
E.O.W.  22 July 1919 E.O.W. 26 Jul. 1919 E.O.W.  27 Sept. 1919 E.O.W. 14 Nov. 1919
Sioux City Police Dept. Bettendorf Police Dept. Des Moines Police Dept. Plymouth Co. S.O.
Goodenbour, William Martin, Nathaniel “Nat” * Patton, Albert Myers, John K.
E.O.W. 1 July 1920 E.O.W. 2 August 1920 E.O.W. 12 Feb. 1921 E.O.W. 30 Mar. 1921
Waterloo Police Dept. Tama Co. S.O. Page Co. S.O. Stuart P.D.
Conway, John F. Wilson, Francis Murray, Robert G. Jones, Lewis R.
E.O.W. 21 May 1921 E.O.W. 29 Jul 1921 E.O.W.  14 Oct 1921 E.O.W.  19 Dec. 1921
Carroll P.D. Cedar Rapids P.D. Chicago & NW Railroad Woodbury County S.O.
John H. Bousman Griffin, Thomas P. * Smith, Frank Shoemaker, Allen F.
E.O.W. 10 Aug. 1922 E.O.W. 15 Nov. 1923 E.O.W. 9 August 1924 E.O.W. 17 May 1925
Chicago & NW Railroad Rock Island Railroad Clay County S.O. Chicago & NW Railroad
Margretz, Vinton J. Agnew, Henry Mommer, (Sr.), Frank Thomas, Ollie D.
E.O.W.  7 June 1925 E.O.W. 11 Jun. 1925 E.O.W. 14 August 1925 E.O.W.  20 August 1925
Waterloo Police Dept. Emmetsburg P.D. Traer Police Dept. Des Moines Police Dept.
Case, Orrin L. Pickett, Gerald D. Hemmer, Leo Collings, Newton F.
E.O.W.  16 Sept. 1925 E.O.W.  24 Sept. 1925 E.O.W.  12 Oct. 1925 E.O.W.  9 Mar 1926
Harrison Co. S.O. Des Moines Police Dept. Dubuque County S.O. Union County S.O. 
Leeney, Edward M. Koch, Johannus F. “Fred” Marshall, Dewey Feely, Joseph C.
E.O.W. 4 April 1926 E.O.W. 4 August 1926 E.O.W.  30 Oct. 1926 E.O.W. 18 Dec. 1926
Iowa City Police Dept. Clinton Police Dept. Polk County S.O. Burlington Police Dept.
McConnell, Clint Staggs, James A. Geerts, Bernard H Dayton, Louis H.
E.O.W. 8 July 1927 E.O.W.  21 April 1928 E.O.W. 16 July 1928 E.O.W. 20 March 1929
Decatur Co. S.O. Des Moines Police Dept. Davenport Police Dept. Clay County S.O.
Wahlert, Ernest H. Hanfeld, Henry Bailey, Aaron Sweet, William F.
E.O.W. 4 Feb 1930 E.O.W. 15 Mar 1930 E.O.W. 25 June 1930 E.O.W. 25 June 1930
Hancock Co. S.O. Dyersville P.D. Washington P.D. Washington S.O.
Ogilvie, Harry Shepard, Rupert L. Sproat, Robert G. Untied, Virgil P.
E.O.W. 12 July 1930 E.O.W. 1 August 1930 E.O.W. 8 Aug 1930 E.O.W.  25 July 1931
Des Moines Police Dept. Des Moines Police Dept. Cedar County S.O. Minburn Marshal 
Wright, George A. Cowart, James J. Dail, Claude B. Booten, Harry L.
E.O.W. 3 December 1931 E.O.W. 7 December 1931 E.O.W.  25 July 1932 E.O.W.  11 Dec 1932
Mt. Pleasant Police Dept. Des Moines Police Dept. Pottawattamie Co. S.O. Des Moines Police Dept.
Dilworth, W. Fay Swatta, M. Anthony Sauer, Frederick W. Howard, Stephen T.
E.O.W.  16 Dec. 1932 E.O.W. 2 March 1933 E.O.W. 27 May 1934 E.O.W.  11 March 1935
Black Hawk County S.O. Valley Jcn – W.Des Moines Burlington Police Dept. Des Moines Police Dept.
Miller, Wilber B. “Webb” Pape, Oran H. Paul, Albert  Conrey, Marion A.
E.O.W.  1 May 1935 E.O.W.  30 April 1936 E.O.W.  5 Feb. 1938 E.O.W.  2 April 1938
Council Bluffs P. D. Iowa Highway Patrol (ISP) IA Parole Board Knoxville Police Depot.
O’Malley, James L. Fry, Leland A. “Sam” Lennon, Elmer J. Williams, Richard D.
E.O.W. 4 Aug. 1938 E.O.W. 5 Nov. 1938 E.O.W. 9 Nov. 1939 E.O.W.  2 January 1941
Hamilton County S.O. Benton County S.O. Postville Police Dept. Albia Police Dept.
McGriff, Charles V.     Schane, George W. Baggs, Maurice M. Crawford, Cecil M.
E.O.W. 20 Oct. 1941 E.O.W.  4 May 1942 E.O.W. 4 July 1942 E.O.W.  10 Apr 1943
Story County S.O. Des Moines Police Dept. Iowa DNR Page County S.O.
Dutcher, Everett L. Bulman, Leonard J. McKinley, Robert F. Grady, Menzo C.
E.O.W. 1 August 1945 E.O.W. 19 Jan. 1946 E.O.W.  13 March 1947 E.O.W. 4 July 1947
Cedar Falls P.D. Allamakee Cty. S.O. Pottawattamie Cty. S.O. Muscatine Police Dept.
Binegar, Warren H. Klinkefus, Harold E. Juhl, Norman D. Dykstra, Slyvan E
E.O.W.  29 August 1948 E.O.W.  18 May 1949 E.O.W.  22 October 1949 E.O.W. 18 July 1953
Grinnell Police Department Iowa Highway Patrol (ISP) Keokuk Police Dept. Sioux City P.D.
Blomquist, Harry M. Crouse, Glen R. DeGear, Harold C. Loucks, Charles
E.O.W.  1 September 1953 E.O.W. 22 January 1954 E.O.W.  19 February 1954 E.O.W.  25 Dec. 1954
Conservation Comm. (DNR) Marshalltown Police Dept. Iowa Highway Patrol (ISP) Stuart Police Dept.
Garthwaite, Ralph F. Pearce, Harold H. Mehlhorm, William R. Mulder, Jake
E.O.W.  2 July 1955 E.O.W.  5 January 1956 E.O.W.  14 January 1956 E.O.W. 25 January 1956
Iowa Highway Patrol (ISP) Independence Police Dept Waterloo Police Dept. O’Brien Co. S.O.
Lievens, John F. Hickman, William E. Jurgens, William H. Biggs, Jimmie M.
E.O.W.  2 Nov. 1957 E.O.W.  6 Dec. 1957 E.O.W.  16 July 1958 E.O.W.  11 March 1959
Brooklyn Police Dept. Indianola Police Dept. Davenport Police Dept. Woodbury County S.O.
Meadows, William L. Barta, Felix A. Ogan, Ralph W. Haubert, Laverne G.
E.O.W. 23 January 1961 E.O.W. 15 February 1961 E.O.W. 13 November 1963 E.O.W.  8 January 1964
Plainfield Police Dept. Cedar Rapids Police Dept. Grinnell Police Dept. Ankeny Police Dept.
Andreano, Charles T. Vander Linden, Marvin C. Bornholdt, Robert R. Gates, Charles H.
E.O.W.  30 July 1964 E.O.W.  11 June 1965 E.O.W.  30 Nov 1966 E.O.W. 25 Oct. 1967
Des Moines Police Dept. Iowa Highway Patrol (ISP) O’Brien County S.O. Marion County S.O.
Stephens, John L.  Rodine, James E. Thomas, Ralph E. Davidchik, Joseph P.
E.O.W. 5 Dec. 1967 E.O.W.  13 August 1968 E.O.W. 28 Oct. 1968 E.O.W.  26 Dec. 1968
Council Bluffs P.D. Des Moines Police Dept. Okoboji Police Dept. Sioux City Police Dept.
Berendes, Earl H. Sutherlin, Billy B. K. Moore, Claude E. “Pat” Farnsworth, Michael L.
E.O.W. 17 Apr 1969 E.O.W. 27 July 1970 E.O.W.  30 June 1971 E.O.W.  5 Dec. 1971
Bellevue Police Dept. Fairfield Police Dept. Council Bluffs P.D. Davenport Police Dept.
Adams, Phillip J. Williamson, George O. Hodgins, Warren T. * Holdefer, Howard W.
E.O.W.  31 Mar. 1973 E.O.W. 8 June 1973 E.O.W.  8 Oct. 1973 E.O.W. 30 Oct 1973
IA DOT Dickinson County S.O. Sioux City P.D. Jasper County S.O.
Woodard, Jack L. Roberts, Ronald G. Bell, Douglas P. LaFromboise, Gabriel C.
E.O.W. 21 Jan 1974 E.O.W.  24 Oct. 1974 E.O.W. 11 June 1976 E.O.W. 9 Dec. 1976
Polk County S.O. Council Bluffs P.D. Keota Police Dept. LaPorte City Police Dept.
Melton, Brian C. Owen, Stevan H. Hill, Dennis E. Smit, Michael H.
E.O.W.  21 April 1977 E.O.W.  5 June 1977 E.O.W.  28 August 1977 E.O.W. 6 Nov 1977
Des Moines Police Dept. Howard Co. S.O. Des Moines Police Dept. Garwin Police Dept.
Hewitt, Donald E. “Rusty” Dorman, Wilber W. Rogers, Raymond E. Davis, Harry E. **
E.O.W. 3 Dec 1977 E.O.W. 25 June 1978 E.O.W. 25 June 1978 E.O.W. 9 Sept. 1978
Prairie City P.D. Carroll Co. S.O. Carroll County S.O. Marshall County S.O
Barrickmann, Bobby J. Van Haaften, John E. Hoing, Michael W. Rice, Wayne R.
E.O.W.  30 Sept. 1979 E.O.W.  9 April 1980 E.O.W.  13 July 1981 E.O.W.  13 July 1981
Newton Police Dept. Pella Police Dept. Waterloo Police Dept. Waterloo Police Dept.
Mullikin, William F. Ash, Ralph R. Otto, Duane H. Sunner, Bret N.
E.O.W.  14 July 1981 E.O.W.  8 August 1981 E.O.W.  8 October 1981 E.O.W.  8 June 1984
Black Hawk Co. S.O. Swea City Police Dept. Pottawattamie Cty. S.O Cedar Rapids P.D.
Whitney, Charles G. McPherren, Daniel M. Horak, Sheryl ** Dietsch, Lance G.
E.O.W.  16 June 1985 E.O.W. 13 Sept. 1985 E.O.W. 25 April 1987 E.O.W.  30 June 1989
Iowa State Patrol  Newton Police Dept. Bettendorf Police Dept. Iowa State Patrol
Gerling, Stanley E. Shatswell, Cole B. Nieland, Allen P. Stone, Todd W.
E.O.W.  30 June 1989 E.O.W.  22 Oct. 1989 E.O.W.  14 Oct. 1990 E.O.W.  27 January 1993
Iowa State Patrol Onawa Police Dept. Iowa State Patrol Clinton Police Dept.
Heimbecker, Phillip A. Hermann, Jon E. ** Hayward, Kipton L. Androy, Gilbert G
E.O.W.  11 June 1993 E.O.W. 11 June 1993 E.O.W.  9 Oct. 1993 E.O.W.  16 Oct. 1997
Woodbury County S.O. Woodbury County S.O. Polk County S.O. Fremont County S.O.
Halligan, Carroll E. “Ed” McElderry, Dennis R. Wissink, Sean Hildreth, Roger R.
E.O.W.  9 Nov. 1998 E.O.W.  3 Jan. 2003 E.O.W. 11 Feb 2007 E.O.W. 21 Feb. 2008
Muscatine County S.O. Davis County S.O. Des Moines P.D. Des Moines P.D.
Bowen, David A. * Smith, Robert L. Nemmers, Cass G. * Stein, Eric J.
E.O.W. 9 September 2008 E.O.W. 13 Aug 2010 E.O.W. 1 Sept. 2010 E.O.W. 4 April 2011
Des Moines P. D. Stuart Police Dept. Polk Co. S.O. Keokuk County S.O.
Toney,  Mark E. Snider, Howard J. Buenting, Jamie D. Liddle, Adam D. *
E.O.W. 20 Sept. 2011 E.O.W. 17 June 2012 E.O.W. 13 Sept. 2013 E.O.W. 29 October 2015
Iowa State Patrol Ames Police Dept. Rockwell City P.D. Waterloo P.D.
Farrell, Susan L. Puente-Morales, Carlos B. Miller, Shawn G. Martin, Justin S.
E.O.W. 26 March 2016 E.O.W. 26 March 2016 E.O.W. 3 August 2016 E.O.W. 2 November 2016
Des Moines Police Dept. Des Moines Police Dept. W. Des Moines Police Dept. Urbandale Police Dept.
Beminio, Anthony D. Burbridge, Mark Schreurs, Stephanie S. Reighard, Steve *
E.O.W. 2 November 2016 E.O.W. 1 May 2017 E.O.W. 13 August 2019 E.O.W.  8 January 2021
Des Moines Police Dept. Pottawattamie Co. S.O. Lyon Co. S.O. Iowa DNR
Smith, James K.
E.O.W. 19 April 2021
Iowa State Patrol